Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just a few pics of Will

Here are a few recent pics of Will!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Lion, the Witch and the Wizard

After a very long delay ... Here is a new post from me!  We went to a Halloween party tonight.  It was fun!  We got to dress up!  Will was a lion!  He loved being a lion!  I drew on his face and when I put on his costume he laughed and laughed. He really is the cutest little guy around.  I don't have money but I do have a handsome husband who loves me and an adorable son!  Check out our pics from tonight!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stubborn, strong willed, that's my son

I have loved the name William for the longest time. It's a great name. It's classic and royal. Never in a million years would it mean that if a boy was named Will he would be strong willed. Well apparently there is a lot in a name.

My son is the strongest willed, most stubborn little person I have ever met. He is also adorable, hilarious and fun. I think the reason he is so dang cute is so people(namely me) can love him and overlook his stubborn ways.

An example of this stubborn or strong willed streak happened tonight. We went to my sisters house. She lives over 45 minutes away from us. We left her house at 8:40 which is around William's bedtime. I was so sure that William would fall asleep on the drive home, that I gave him a bath at Tiffany's and got him ready for bed before we left.

To our dismay he was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 9:30 pm when we pulled into our complex. From then until 11:55 pm I read stories to him, sang to him, rocked him, fed him and even watched movies with him. Still after all that he was still awake! I had had it so we packed William up in our car and went for a ride. After 10 minutes William was sound asleep.

Now the question is will William sleep all night? He's almost 18 months old, so he should be able to sleep through the night, however William has woken up several times a night all week.
I guess we will find out if he sleeps all night soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cute little dancer

William loves to dance! Tonight he picked up David's phone and turned on the iPod and started dancing! It was so cute! Check out the video above to catch a peak at William dancing!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My New Year's Resolutions for 2013

1. Lose 15 pounds to reach my ideal weight. I will do this by exercising and going to weight watchers.

2. Go to the temple 4 times this year. I know this seems pretty weak but it's hard for me to leave William for 8 hours and that's how long it takes to go to the temple and back

3. Be content with what I have. Live in the moment and enjoy my blessings.

4. Buy a house no matter how small, William needs a yard to play in and we need the responsibility.

5. Surround myself with those who love me and ignore the people who don't care about me. I have wasted too much time trying to please people and I am giving up on certain relationships in my life. If I'm not wanted in people's lives I will stay far away from them even if they're family. I can't make everybody like me and I cannot waste anymore time trying too.

5. Be a better wife. Have more patience with my husband as he grows in his career. Believe there are better days ahead and one day we will look back on the days we struggled and be grateful for them.

6. Be a better mom. Play with my son more and find cool places to take him. Being a mother is the greatest blessing I have ever received. The fact that it took so long to finally get my darling baby makes it all the more fantastic!

Those are my resolutions for 2013. I wrote them on my blog with the hope that putting them in writing and for my few followers to see will help me accomplish all of my resolutions.

Happy New Year!

Some pics from the holidays

Here are some pictures from the Christmas season at the Cox household!

Monday, December 17, 2012

My sick little love.

Last week was a very hard week. Will was so sick. He started coughing on Sunday and was really bad Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I used our last $25 and took William to see Dr. Tan.

We found out William was a lot sicker than we thought. The doctor checked him out and discovered he was wheezing. He gave me a nebulizer and told me to give William treatment every four hours around the clock. Dr. Tan also put William on a steroid and told us to come back first thing Thursday morning.

Wednesday night was awful. I had to give William his steroid at 6:00 pm and when I did his midnight treatment it totally made him hyper. He was singing and dancing and running around until 3:00 am. I was so frustrated because I had to give him another treatment at 4:00 am. I seriously felt like I had a newborn again! By 7:00 am William was up for the day.

Thursday was another challenging day. William's doctors appointment took from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm because William's oxygen levels were at 92 to 93%. The doctor tested him for RSV and the flu but both tests were negative. He then sent us to the radiologist to get a chest X-ray on William to see if he had pneumonia.

While we were at the radiologist office William was a terror. I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and was all alone so William started running around the office. He pulled all of the magazines off the book rack and while I was putting the magazines back in the rack, he went over to the Christmas tree and started pulling off its decorations. Will then took one of the glass ornaments and threw it in the ground breaking it.

After the X-ray we went back to Dr. Tans office and gave him a copy of the X-ray. He told me to go home and give William two more breathing treatments and come back at 6:00 pm to see if William's oxygen levels had risen above 93 and to get the results of the X-ray. He then told me that if William's oxygen levels had not risen he would have to be admitted to the hospital. I cried and cried and went home and took care of my baby. He has been sick for two months and I was at my wits end. I couldn't bear to think of my baby alone in the hospital!

After giving William two more treatments and taking him back to the doctors, we finally had good news! William's chest X-ray was clear and he did not have pneumonia. The nurse tested his oxygen levels and they were up to 95 to 96%!

We got to go home!!! All we had to do was keep William out of public and give him round the clock breathing treatments and a steroid and bring him back to the doctor on Monday morning.

After a sleepless weekend we took William back to the doctor Monday morning and had great news!! William's oxygen was back at 100%! He is still congested but is in the path to getting better! His breathing are fewer and hopefully he will be off of the treatments by Christmas! I am so thankful he is on the road to recovery. I love him so much and am ready to have a healthy baby again :).

On a side note, Tiffany took Elsie, Etasa and Cataleya to the doctor this afternoon and found out that Etasa has the flu and is wheezing and Elsie and Cataleya have RSV. Tiffany has to give Etasa and Cataleya breathing treatments 3 times a day! We are having loads of fun in Florida! I hope all our little ones are totally better for Christmas.

Below is a picture of Cataleya getting a treatment and two pictures of William getting a treatment. Poor babies.